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Original engine (300K). 2 yr old transmission (ck'd out ok). New ECC. New distributor. "Strange": If I turned on lights (which showed a power-down on idle), I could then drive car and not have problem with transmissi...
Runs good most time. But when pulling is enforced, it always kicks outta 5th even as I hold the gear shift in. I just had clutch replaced around 2 years ago so I know that's not the prob.
We have been told to change the fuel filter, we have been used two tanks of GS with Lukas oil and injection cleaner. I am not sure why the fuel filter would work, but we will try it. Can you offer advice on what else ...
Its an automatic. It runs at 3000 rpms at 60 mph, sounds a little high?
My insides lights are fine until I have to use my blinker then they go out. Then when the blinker pops back in place then the lights come back on. Sometimes I also have to tap on my blinker to make them come back on. ...
There is now smoke coming from exhaust as well,the noise is very loud,can we travel further,and how long will it last,as we are 800 kilos from home. Please help.
The car started having troubles a few weeks back, it would stall when i shifting in between gears or shifted into 1st. I changed spark plugs and fuel filter and the problem seemed to have cleared up but now it has sta...
The car died with fuel Pressure but no spark. I replaced distributor, cap, plugs, rotor, wires and plugs. Started right up. Timing was off and failed smog. I went to adjust the timing and car died and wouldn't start a...
while driving I start to smell gas fumes an every now an then the check engine light will come on an off.sometimes it will misfire when stepping on the gas to take off...I need your advice....please an thank you !
I think my coil has gone bad. I have a multimeter but don't know which ports I should be touching to test nor do I know what the correct reading should be.
Even though the defroster works I have to continuously wipe off the fog on all the windows. I see no leaks in the vehicle. This has become a safety problem.
It has what looks like an extension cord hooked up to a plug that it's connected to the engine Block i was told it was there to warm up the oil if you live in a cold climate please help
Blower works, fan works it just blows cool air
I cleaned the throttle body but it still does it i was told it may be the idle Aire control,
On the problem can't find diagram online any where let me know if u need anymore details
The motor for the mechanism is in the rear passenger side panel. How do I remove the panel without wrecking anything?
had new distributor and noticed it was arcing fire out from where the cap seals to the distributor, tryed new cap and it still done it , so i bought a whole new distributor and new cap and rotor and tryed it and it wo...
The gas pressure has been tested and is ok. The electrical side or circuitry is the one that is not working
ok my car starts then it sound ok but when i put it to frist gear then it back fires but i let it it here with then engine on for about five to ten minutes its runs fine
new rebuilt transmission all new motor mounts (balanced) engine checked out new idle motor (was not problem) replaced torque converter again still shake's mazda dealer and mechanics say it is internal to transms...
what would the estimated cost to fix this problem be
When I'm driving the car the car will cut power suddenly and the engine will miss, like when you are driving the car just bucks. I was thinking maybe a fuel related problem??
i need to service and don't know how to drain it either