this guy put the plug wires in wrong it jerks then it dies when you drive.i put in new. spark plugs.but he took the wires off without marking them.

When in gear

Just replaced the backup lamp switch and that's what iT does now they didn't work before.

My clutch petal seems to be OK the shifter stick is loose and very hard to put in to gears sometimes

I have a Mazda MX-3 that runs good, but when i turn the engine off or when the car stalls i cant get it started again until the engine cools down. If the engine is cold it starts no problem but when ever its hot it wont start.

so i replaced the batttery and bought a new one.. but the light on the outside will work but not on the inside. we cant get it out of park into nuetral to take to a shop. my dad said before it would turn on but when youd push on the gas it woiuldn't go. he thought it was the gas pump. but not sure what it is now. please help

Does anyone know wher the fuel pump inertia switch is located?

what is the torque specs for the cylinder head bolts on my engine

finding thye location of clutch slave resivoir, and what it looks like