Is there a 2nd port? Or a damper? Help!

Car won't pass the smog test because the catalytic converter log hasn't filled.
I've been told to drive it on the freeway at 55-60 mph for about 50-60 miles.I've done that several times with no good results.

I changed the spark plugs, wires,coils oil filter. No misfire in engine

And then after trying 3 times it won't even turn back on but it trys to

I just purchased this minivan and have no maintenance history on it. And would like to start. It has 216800 miles on it now.

My check engine light comes on often. I've had a catalytic converter and transmission installed since ownership.

Mazda mpv 2001

My airbags were deployed due to an MINOR accident which I still don't understand why both driver and passenger airbags. It wasn't a head on accident. Nevertheless,I replaced the airbags expecting everything to be fine, but the airbag readiness on the instrument panel keeps flashing. Do I need to replace the Unit, Airbag sensor? Or can it be reset?

93,000 miles; trnasmission hissing lately but mostly when cold. Recently ck engine light came on. Was still driving with no issues. Today, light still on, as I pressed the brakes to come to a stop, they went fully to the floor, and car did not stop. They worked very poorly the rest of the drive(I was one block away). I continued to pull in and ut of driveway to test, and the brakes barely work at this point. Any ideas? Concerned as it followed a few days after the ck engine light

When the RPMs are decelerating I'm getting the whooping noise from the air cleaner.

This started w/just a flicker of oil light at idle then it would stay on till 900, now it stay's thru 1600. No knocking so far. I had the oil pan removed and cleaned the oil pump suction screen

the struts didn't make any noise for a couple days after I replaced them

Either from revving or normal driving, anything that makes the RPMs drop fast creates a series of quick but loud whooping noises out of the air cleaner. When manually revving from the throttle body i could recreate it and the whole air cleaner assembly vibrated. Changing the air cleaner and assuring all the clamps were tight did not help. I cant find any air leaks or damaged parts.