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The AC worked yesterday. Not working today. Air still blows..but blowing hot air no cold
checked fuses safety switches could it computer be shot if we didn't undo battery to change plugs or could it be bad batch of plugs
What is the location of the fuel pump relay on my Mazda
My air conditioning in my car is running good up front but when I turn on rear the back third row vents blow out heat .. It's not even blowing out intake air it's blowing very hot heat? Can someone please help me please
And then after trying 3 times it won't even turn back on but it trys to
no clicking noises, no lights turn on, nothing! won't take jump start too . weird. can it be some sort of relay switch ?
after I drive it for 20-30 minutes it will be very loud and van will cut off of and then when I open up the oil cap is very hot and smoking top of the motor but temperature gauge shows okay
This problem just started. I can feel a misfire when I'm climbing a hill, but not otherwise. The error code I got from autozone is p0303.
Hi, all, I would like to get some advise please? I have Mazda MPV 2003. Recently I got P0305, cylinder 5 misfire. When I had this, I did in deed feel misfire, engine RPM dropped from time to time, and felt it would...
I'm changing out my engine.
I just purchased this minivan and have no maintenance history on it. And would like to start. It has 216800 miles on it now.
Got car from auction and needs work. But ran okay to get here and now will crank but won't start? Put new fuel filter and gas in checked air filter all good still won't start going to check ignition and get back to th...
Please kindly help me, I have spent over 200k on my car, this checks comes up and the gear with just stop selecting I kept buying new gear I was asked to change the speedometer, changed it yet d problem is still there...
Connected to computer no result battery is OK and after a short while it will start like there was no problem. 125000 miles regular service at Mazda dealer garage
It overheated and sprung a leak. I changed stat and not overheating but engine smokes and engine oil light blinks and engine rattles
repair shop put two starters in one per year since problem started around 100,000 miles. 2nd starter began clicking a few months after install. After several tries, the engine will start. Would like a permanent solution.
seems the valve cover seal washers fail often and leak oil
My check engine light comes on often. I've had a catalytic converter and transmission installed since ownership.
i replaced starter, I had to disconnect the battery, remove the front driveshaft, the alternator, the power steering pump and the pump bracket. I shifted it to neutral to remove the front drive shaft and put back to p...
The car emergency lights and the left and right turn signals stopped working. Tried to have it repaired but can't find the problem. Will work if you replace the fuse but the second you turn on the the hazards it blo...
Have had repeated problems with this car due to misfiring of the engine coils. Have had to replace engine coils multiple times. Car has 140k miles. Last time replaced a coil was last march. Driving home today and en...
Kinda like the transmission is messing up but for some reason I don't believe its that. What do I do I'm.single mom needing my vehicle fixed bad thank u for ur help
Haven't been able to drive it since we got it home plz help I'm a single mom needing a vehicle bad thank u
put in new fuel pump and fuel filter,getting gas and spark.only code is start,just turns over.