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I need wheel bearings but mechanic said he needed a tire rod remover then it needs to be pressed
I was told idle air control I changed it but still have the same issue
I have a 2002 Mazda Millenia the motor that is in it now is not the original motor the one that is in there now is a 2.5 liter dohc 24 valve. I am trying to find out if it is a interference or non interference motor?
No power to lights, door locks...nothing Car was driven, then parked for a few minutes, then no power at all to crank, then after a few minutes power came back and then it cranked...any ideas?
was driving and the car staled, it will start but idles for a minute and dyes.
I have a misfire on number 3 cylinder and oil is leaking all over the engine
I'll pull up to a light, the idle will be fine for a 5-7 seconds, then the engine shudders a little and the idle suddenly drops a few hundred RPMs to the point it almost wants to stall. It will then go back up a few ...
I can not access the Mazda Millenia S repair manual, and no one around here has, nor can they order one.
I've had the same check engine light as so many have. I thought I had it fixed when I replaced the gas cap but after it warmed up and was sitting at a redlibht, it came back on. After a four hour road trip, I looked...
Seems to be coming from the right side, possibly supercharger.
i was told i needed new cv shaft because of right clicking noise from right tire area. yet after getting break pads changed there was a kind of grinding noise as if the tire would fall off after 20mph. i was told the ...