Need to get this open being that this thing likes to eat oil. Any way to manually open ? I can hear sloenoids activating but not releasing main latch. Over engineered for what should be a simple mechanical cable release.

Its only clinks and rattles when i start the car and during gear changed .

gas needle does not work properly, it registered 1/4 of tank, had just bought it recently and never let it get below a 1/2 tank, anyway was running out of gas and was pumping gas pedal like a madman, to try and make it to gas pump. check engine light is now on or it flashes, and runs and idles rough til I get to 60 mph or so. Help. Thanks

Scan came back code p0306, Took it to the shop and they found WATER around my #6 cylinder. Number 6 cylinder is misfiring. The sputtering is constant when sitting but will go pretty good when I press the gas. Was told possible cracked head/gasket. I need help!!

All the gauges go up then come back down. And no radio?? The car starts and runs.

I need wheel bearings but mechanic said he needed a tire rod remover then it needs to be pressed

I was told idle air control I changed it but still have the same issue

I have a 2002 Mazda Millenia the motor that is in it now is not the original motor the one that is in there now is a 2.5 liter dohc 24 valve. I am trying to find out if it is a interference or non interference motor?