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I need wheel bearings but mechanic said he needed a tire rod remover then it needs to be pressed
Prior to stall temp ok oil ok, no warning lights. Tried starting click sound engine not turning over. No oil or water leaks.
I was told idle air control I changed it but still have the same issue
out of the blue it started overheating after ten minutes of driving,is it hard to replace thermostat,could it be water pump?
I have a 2002 Mazda Millenia the motor that is in it now is not the original motor the one that is in there now is a 2.5 liter dohc 24 valve. I am trying to find out if it is a interference or non interference motor?
No power to lights, door locks...nothing Car was driven, then parked for a few minutes, then no power at all to crank, then after a few minutes power came back and then it cranked...any ideas?
was driving and the car staled, it will start but idles for a minute and dyes.
I have a misfire on number 3 cylinder and oil is leaking all over the engine
Had a friend hook up my radio and and we couldn't find the connectors so he hooked it up manually but now my time doesn't show nor does my ac work? What could be wrong? Please help
Replaced broken timing belt ran a few days no it won't start after parking it
I prefer not to buy the entire harness. Alternatives?
This is an intermittent problem. Usually starts no problem. When this error occurs the dash lights do not turn back off after key is removed. As if the key was still turned on. Sometimes I just have to take the batter...
I know i need to take the belt off and i know theres 3 bolts holding it into place just want to know what else i have to do to pull it out and put in a 200amp alternator for my sound system and i know i have to do a b...
I'll pull up to a light, the idle will be fine for a 5-7 seconds, then the engine shudders a little and the idle suddenly drops a few hundred RPMs to the point it almost wants to stall. It will then go back up a few ...
At first the TCS light wiuld come on and the car would cut of. I would turn the car of and restart it and it would be fine untill it does it again. Now the car won't start at all.
tried new starter new battery and fuses what should I do