have not had car very long, no instructions in owners manual

two belts popped off engine (alternator to power steering and alternator to ) and now car is overheating and very hard to turn wheel. do I need to replace water pump?

can't find anyone to fix... any ideas?

Replaced broken timing belt ran a few days no it won't start after parking it

At first the TCS light wiuld come on and the car would cut of. I would turn the car of and restart it and it would be fine untill it does it again. Now the car won't start at all.

Everytime I turn my car on the heat/AC comes on even though Ive turned it off already, my clock goes to 1:00, and my interior lights and radio dont power on. Can somebody help me with a solution, its my first car, Im not knowledgeable at car what so ever.

What do I need to do my fluid wont even get hot in the transmission is my pump going bad in it? Also I had the transmission filter and fluid changed. The car still wont move. When inspected there was no metal shavings in the pan or discoloration in the fluid. When the car is on I can put it in every gear it wont move. The fluid dont even get hot. What is wrong can anyone help me?

This car has been driven gently yet the engine rod is bad. Barely drivable,I can only go 2 miles back and forth to work (horrible sound and bucking) and know that this car will die anytime now. Is it worth it to replace/rebuild engine? Dealer says no given their price to do it, and would only give me $500 for trade-in. Where can I get another engine? What about scrap metal places? Has anyone else had this problem...this should NOT happen at under 100,000 miles!