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out of the blue it started overheating after ten minutes of driving,is it hard to replace thermostat,could it be water pump?
Hearing a jingling sound with acceleration car running well otherwise any ideas
sounds like keys jingling car runs well otherwise.
So the mechanic found a used engine with 30k less on it and told me he could do it for 1100, but what about an overhaul? Are those successcul in mazdas or are they just too tempormental to work on? I haven't had a l...
The cars starts & runs for about 10 min,then the charging lite goes on. You then have a couple minutes to get it home or pull over. I'm pretty sure it's the alternator. The serpentine belt was replaced last week.
My car stalled so I replaced the battery with a new one, but the system still drains. The obd2 reads iac sensor. Can something in the computer be telling the car to use more power elsewhere.? The only thing I can t...
The supercharger went bad on the car so I baught a rebuilt one from the dealer. Now the problem I'm having is finding someone that turn car after putting the part in. What are the spec that I need to go by when tuning...