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Had a friend hook up my radio and and we couldn't find the connectors so he hooked it up manually but now my time doesn't show nor does my ac work? What could be wrong? Please help
I know i need to take the belt off and i know theres 3 bolts holding it into place just want to know what else i have to do to pull it out and put in a 200amp alternator for my sound system and i know i have to do a b...
tried new starter new battery and fuses what should I do
I have changed all the spark pluges and wires replaced the router cap,check for vacume leaks.
vacuum pump bearing on the 2.3 miller cycle is making noise..I would like to find the size of this bearing to know what will replace the oem 18we4 bearing
Still rough idle, but now is dumping fuel from exhaust, any help?
Car stopped while driving. Seems like its not getting any gas. Though fuel pump but no signs leading up to care stopping and is of course more expensive repair. Could this be caused by fuel pump relay?
is it likely if you take the car every 6 months for service,tune up,oil change and all the good stuff will you have as many problems as you would if you didn't? (1998 mazda millenia)
I can't find the fuel pump relay on my 1998 mazda millenia 2.3L Super charged
replaced sparks plugs & wires