Good and its firing crank sensor is good and the compression is good on all cylinders

Prior to stall temp ok oil ok, no warning lights. Tried starting click sound engine not turning over. No oil or water leaks.

blower motor works great a/c compressor turns off with factory switch however the air fails to get warm really hoping its not the heater core I'm a Honda machanic i know nothing about mazda will apriciate idea's thanks

prev. owner said he rebuilt front pass. side caliper but it still doesn't work. i tried to find out why and found front pass. and rear driver side brakes are not getting any fluid but rear brake still works best i can tell what do i check next?

a schematic would be nice

please explain and how to fix this problem?

It will shift through the other gears but when it gets to the over drive it might shift and then there's days that it won't.

Just traded for a 97 millenia, ran good except for a miss that would disappear when accellerating. Already replaced the crank sensor, distributor cap, rotary button, wires and plugs and the rack and pinion. The other day, car quit while in drive thru, car quit firing. Keep getting a code of p1345 (crank shaft position sensor or cam sensor). Like earlier, already replaced the crank shaft sensor and do not know where to locate the cam sensor

mi passanger headlight, the bright doesnt dome on, workes on dem but when on bright its only the driver side that becomes bright. what can i do to fix this problem. its always like this. wt i need to know is how do i make the bright work? i believe the bulb is good.

the wipers do not return to park position when turned off they remain on in the intermittant slow phase

My keys were stolen so I went to the dealership to get new keys the keys dont work. They will UNlock the driver side car door but wont lock it. They dont unlock the truck nor will it start the car. I have taken the key back twice to get another and they still dont work. OMG what do I do!!!!

is there 2 cat. converters on a 1997 mazda millenia 2.5 v.6 and if so where located?


car over heats and the hoses have been replaced. I let the car set for two days and I took the radiator cap off and a tremendous amount of pressure was released. could it be the thermostat and if it is where is it located?

just bought car guy said radio worked but needed a fuse so i thought nothing of it because the car drove nice and most other functions work ok so checked all fuses and all were good. then noticed the dome lights and steering tilt wouldn.t work either the power locks would work only if the key is in the full on position this is not typicle because the power locks are supposed to be on a constaint curcit. i just dont know where to look next i like the car but this is something i can't figure out please help