that includes transmission fluid change, power steering change, brake fluid change, oil change.

is this to expensive?

For example, can I install a new one myself instead of taking it to the dealership?

What does the indicator lamp AT mean?

The gas cap symbol has been on since I purchased my used Mazda a year ago. Now the gas cap light and engine light both came on. I had the computer re-set and the gas cap symbol stayed off but the engine light came back on.

I am replacing my drive belts and don't see where or how to adjust/tighten the power steering drive belt. The belt only drives the power steering pump.

Can that estimate even be close for such a simple 2hr repair? I would never charge that much for labor, and can you not buy the parts $100 cheaper like everything else at a discount autoparts store where the parts are exactly the same just a different name on them?

Noise when stopping and at all speeds.