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How expensive is it to paint a 2007 CX9 Mazda?

vehicle is a SUV 2008 mazda CX-9

The LH tail light does not work, the tail light assy is good, I swapped with a known good part to verify. The RH tail light does work. Fuses were checked and they are good.

Check settings and read the manual. No explantion

My vehicle came with a receiver mounted on the back but no rv light plug. I installed a 4way plug by pluging it into the exiting wiring . Also installing a 7way plug to fit my trailers 7way plug.
Now I'm trying to install a brake controler on the dash but I don't know if there is a factory installed plug in for the controler under the dash or I need to run new wires to hook it up ?

Itemized estimate for transmission that includes detail like: parts, labor, teardown, fluids, core, seals, ect. Then states at the bottom does NOT include shop charges and taxes.... What are these vague shop charges? & why not list the estimated shop costs in the estimate?

After 6 car washes, the exterior trim and Bumpers showed some fading and white marks, like the paint or coloring had faded off.
Anyone having trim issues like this.
anyone have a good solution?

with labor I was told it would cost 1500.00$. That seems too high to me.

The front air conditioner fan speed will not adjust, the rear air fan speed works fine, but the front will not adjust off of low. What could ne the cause?

Water Pump went bad, After a long 2 days to pull the Engine just to replace it. Now it seems it got up all in my pistons and Engine needs to be replaced.

Time for a new car?

There was a weird sound in the passenger side exhaust everytime i turned left and then start hearing sound of leaking water. Now the AC has completely stopped working. what could be wrong?

I watched a video and I still do not see the dip stick for the transmission fluid. Please contact me asap

that includes transmission fluid change, power steering change, brake fluid change, oil change.

is this to expensive?

Well maintained car, runs perfect, but the the fuel pump shuts off at the gas station trying to fill up the gas tank

I have recently replaced rear wheel bearing ( driver's side) and this morning I am staring to hear a humming noise either coming from drivers side or from engine ,,I can only hear noise when driving above 25mph,, it happens only when car is in D,, the higher speed car goes the higher noise is ,, it literlly sounds like an airplane passing by when driving about 40 mph ,,any suggestions ?

I am having a slight noise under acceleration ever since I had oil changed at a dealership. Thought maybe it was the gas tired all kinds even Prem. I had a truck once that did this and the only way it was happy was with plain 30w. That's why I want to change oil VIS but don't want to ruin my engine either,, Thanks Paul

Worked fine in the morning then I went out in the evening no radio. The Nav blinked out but then came back on still no radio

For example, can I install a new one myself instead of taking it to the dealership?

What does the indicator lamp AT mean?

Has anyone else had this problem or know what the solution is?

I have already blown air into it. The cap is on tightly and I sealed with Teflon tape. I hope it is not a cracked lens!

Took the vehicle to pep boys for alignment they claim its inner and outer tie rod on the passenger front tire that is causing the pull to the left, doesn't make sense to me, and they state it will cost $600 to replace it