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My Maz has been leaking oil 7-12mo. I was told there is a leak between the transfer case and the engine and it would cost over $800 to fix. Does that seem right and what part is leaking? I was not told by the shop wha...
I replaced my headlights with halogens and they are really dim. Do I have to use the xenon fusion or could there be something else wrong?
turbo just replace for 2nd time and when i got it back i had problems with engine light, wouldn't start, took back to dealership on way accelerated on hiway and it made a big bang noise and hesitated. thought it was d...
Just took a long drive & now the engine light has come on and Won't turn off
i have a 2007 mazda cx7 mechanic says it needs new engine because the oil pressure is significantly dropped turbo engine is very expensive can i replace it with non turbo ?
It looks as though the axle nut and rotor screws all need to be removed in order to replace the rotor.
No white smoke, no check engine light, temperature gauge half way. turn off the car for a while. everything goes back to normal.
how do I change transmission fluid on cx7 Mazda do the filter need to be replace 100,000 plus miles
Recently purchased a 07 CX7 and the turbo was out within a month and it was using oil, quart + in between oil changes. I replaced the turbo and then started getting misfire codes: P0300 P0301,. Replaced the spark plug...