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The scanner code P0320. Already replaced timing belt CKP and CMP sensors plug wires and spark plugs.
I have replaced the spark plug, spark plug wires , coil pack and fuel injector. but my scanner still detects a missfire on the number 2 cylinder. What else could it be.
Is there any advice on how to rest the engine light on a mazda truck
Recently, the battery died over night. When I tried to jump it, got lots of sparks when connecting jumper cables. I was able to jump it, but then the radio was dead. All other electronics work. No bad fuses that I...
My blower only works on high so I was told to replace the blower resister but I don't know where it is.
The window closes very slowly and sometimes stops completley. Must "help" it u=p by hand. Also, the passenger side power lock stays locked, can't even open the door.
where is the code reader outlet on my 1996 B4000 4.0 V-6
truck starts then dies right away. Can smell gasoline so I know its gettig some fuel. could a bad idle air control solenoid cause this?
Scanner at Autozone displayed #6 cylinder as the problem. Can you tell me what the firing order is and which is number 1 cylinder? Thank you....
where is the ignition control module located ?
just need to know where the module is located . I cant find it. Im talking about the ignition control module on a V6 Mazda B4000
do the front wheel bearing have to be pressed?
where can i get an online diagram to replace the ball joints on a 1996 madza 4x4 b4000 pickup truck