1990 Mazda B2600 Questions

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1987 4 cill 2 low compression

My Mazda 2600i misses sporadically. I changed wires, plugs, distributor and coil. Sometimes it runs perfect but later begins to miss. I used injector cleaner with no results. Spark plugs were not wet or Black.

There is a rod knocking..what will it take to fix it?

my truck idles high when it is cold when the engine gets hot it still idles high, it stays around 2500 rpm's with your foot off the accelerator.

I poured head gasket sealant in the the radiator now its making a loud tapping noise.

automatic will not shift properly when hold light is on

I have a mazda truck b2600i starts and run good but if you try to speedup it has no power

A/C expansion value location

Wiring harness, wiring harness is getting power, i plug them in, fuel pump doesn't work

Hard to find computer for this year, only get one for $250 should I purchase has anyone had luck with these?

all connections look good tore apart ecm and found bad spots on board inside. Believe i need an ecm anybody have one for a 1990 B2600i for sale let me know please jdguy

it runs great it just burns gas

i can spray starting fluid and it will start and run. turn the truck off and it will not start on its own. you will have to start it with fluid again.55 lbs fuel pressure.have spark.............