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I have one ticking lifter.I removed the valve cover to take a looknd sure enough the exhaust valve on the #2 cyclinder is the problem looks like the plunger where you set the lash is stuck or clogged.Is there a way to...
Just put a new clutch n pressure plate in and now it wont go in gear.only does when engine is off.
my truck idles high when it is cold when the engine gets hot it still idles high, it stays around 2500 rpm's with your foot off the accelerator.
Do I have to remove the whole grille and if so how is the grille connected at the bumper?
Shifter feels like its not attached to anything
Just bought truck, but was told this power loss happened quickly. All I replaced was the mismatched set of plugs with new correct.
will turn over but won't fire - distributor assembly has been replaced
Using a spray bottle, as long as I spray gas into the throttle body it runs fine. I put light on the injector powers and when they light up it try's to run. Help!
plunger may have broke
4x4 with 200Kmi. When backing up, the truck "hops" - that is it jerks violently. There is no hopping when moving forward.
The light(s) behind my instrument cluster went out recently and I want to replace them myself but I don't know how many lights are behind the cluster. Also, the lights behind my climate control panel and the fan speed...
I poured head gasket sealant in the the radiator now its making a loud tapping noise.
The battery died so put a new one on. Still wouldn't crank. Put a on a coil and a distributor and truck still will not crank. What do you suggest next?
automatic will not shift properly when hold light is on
overdrive light keeps blinking and when i press on the overdrive switch it still won't shift gears. Engine seems hotter then normal but no overheating problems. Should i replace the thermostat or radiator?
I have a mazda truck b2600i starts and run good but if you try to speedup it has no power
Only when its cold once it heats up it fades away, i got oil in it
It did this once before but started the next day. Now it has been over 24 hours and still won't start
runs now very poorly /excessive fuel to each cylinder/smoking badly/all cylinders firing/timing seems ok all cylinders have compression/but I have rattle/knock under valve cover/no check engine light
I have had my truck for a little over a month and a half and it has quit while i was driving it three times in the past 2 weeks. I had it towed into a mechanics shop the day after it happened the first time, and it ra...
Ok, about a 2-3 weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to go start our truck one morning. It started and ran for like 5 seconds, but then just shut off. We tried and tried to get it going again, but it still wouldnt start...
The person who owned it before me use to slam it real hard into gear, is there a way i can adjust the shifting forks or whatever the problem is without buying a new transmission
Wiring harness, wiring harness is getting power, i plug them in, fuel pump doesn't work