2002 Mazda B2300 Questions

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What do I need for valve head adjustment

Started misfiring really bad running rough

i have replaced the coil, wire harness, spark plugs, and plug wires

and highway speed is achieved. The Check Engine light has been on and my shop cant diagnose it. Could there be a connection between these issues. HELP

Engine light came on yesterday. Airbag light been on for a while. No matter what gear I go into, upon release of the clutch, AND ONLY AT TIMES - NO PARTICULAR PATTERN, the truck will jump upon acceleration. Power loss upon climbing hills. Any ideas? Spark plugs and wiring have been replaced within the last few months. Just trying to prepare for the inevitable.

it has turned off my fuel how to reset it.

When the outside temp is below freezing engine will crank but will not start. But when the out side temp. is 40 degrees or above it will start just fine. Can get started when it is below 40 degrees, but have to crank and pump gas at same time. Once started motor runs fine.

Years ago I broke off porcelain from the spark plug which fell into the engine. Uses oil ever since. Now it is running roughly, at 72000 miles.

dash lights wont go out and it runs battery down . have to unhook cabel to keep battery up this is the only time the light gosr out.

Hello sir,
Problem with my is that when switced on everything works but the engine never cranks. Will you please diagnose the problem and a solution.

Hope to hear from you soon.



Everything is ok when switch is on but engine does not crank
I dont know what the problem and i dont have a manual.
Please assist with my problem.

Hope to hear a solution from you soon.



I bought this truck 2 years ago and after the first fillup of regular gas "87 octane" it started pinging pretty badly so I had to use min. 91 octane to stop pinging under load. After looking down the spark plug hole I noticed alot of black stuff on top of the pistons and figured i was getting pre-ignition from all the carbon buildup. So I recently rebuilt the head and all the valves were in rough shape and some were not seating properly after my leak down test There was alot of carbon buildup, i replaced all valves , crank,cam and knock sensor was replaced, all gaskets yatta yatta. There is no instructions on how to use the crank alignment tool so I just positioned it between two teeth on the pulley, looked at the old sensor where the bolts made their mark and I beleive it is setup the exact way the old one was. It flashed up just fine with no codes, took for a road test and put regular gas in it and it was pinging even worse. I cleaned the maf sensor and no changes. I have good compression and good fuel pressure. Double platimum plugs and wires are near new. I took off the pcm and noticed some corrosion on the pins so cleaned those thoroughly with alcohol and no changes. I'm going to get a diagnostic test soon but the only issue I can think of is maybe I did not use the crank sensor alignment tool properly and the timing is too advanced. There is a gap of teeth on the crank pulley, am I supposed to use that as a setup reference? I can't find any info anywhere on how to setup? This truck has been driven about 1000 miles since the work has been done so pretty sure the pcm has re-learned after being reset.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I drive 4000 km's a month so I don't want to kill this engine from ingition issues..