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Had the alternator replaced, now I need a smog and its not ready
i was crossing through a a river that had water and the water was covering the diesel filter and car just cut and could not start. i only manged to start it the next day but the engine was vibrating and producing...
Heater stays on burn my feet while driving to work !!!!!
What do I need for valve head adjustment
The line is a u-shaped piece that carries coolant from the driver's side of the engine block to the coolant reservoir on the passenger side of the engine compartment by traveling behind the engine block. It also feed...
trucks that for 9 months drain fuel check fuel pump change the timing belt got it made sure it was back in time it'll turn over but it still wont crank what could be the problem with that I'll check the solenoid and t...
when i pulled off the pully on the crankshaft the pully puller i used stripped the treads where the center bolt went
Started misfiring really bad running rough
I was driving about 55 mph when my truck completely shut down and so I tried to restart and it cranked over like normal(not slow nor any dimming of lights) just didn't seem like it was getting the last little umph to ...
The indicator lights flash off and on, even after the key is removed.
when in drive transmission slips to neutral when engine is cold. works fine when engine is warm. is that a major problem. what is the fix and cost
I have bought new master cylinder and slave cylinder and did bench bleed and gravity bleed. Still truck will not go into gear after I start truck. I have bled and bled both master and slave. What am I doing wrong.?
Is there a secondary selonoid on a b2300? could it be a bad relay? It sounds like clicking noise is coming from the thing attached to the drivers side fire wall with 3 wires hooked to it. not sure what this is relay...
I come to a complete stop n idles normal then Boggs down again ,,,, I'm Clueless plz help
Since the jump start the heat controls no longer work, the dash lights illuminate randomly,the vehicle is making screeching noises and loss of power when driving. Any ideas?
my mazda 96 b2300 (smallest one)standard transmition stoped while driving it and turns over but wont start, for about 2 weeks before that,everytime i stoped on traffic lights it would start failing like if it really w...
i have replaced the coil, wire harness, spark plugs, and plug wires
Truck sat without being cranked for a year. Everybody says fuel pump. I changed the inline fuel filter, no help.
I put new plugs new wires new power fuel fuel pressure regulator.i just dont know what it could be...when I give it gas it back fires and wants to stall.please help
Changed head lights yesterday and cleaned posts and connectors. All service is up to date and good.
truck was not driven for a couple of weeks. I have been outside beside it many times, no radio was playing. Today it was on and the doors were locked. Turned the radio off and clock still shows on. Is there a way ...
Installed a new oil pump still have no oil pressure the bearing are good and so is the shaft that come down to the oil pump... need to know what drives that shaft
Anyone have problem with clutch/brake pedal linkage and bushings? Mine clunks when I depress the clutch pedal. It is definitely coming from the pedal pivot under the dash.