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Heater stays on burn my feet while driving to work !!!!!
I have bought new master cylinder and slave cylinder and did bench bleed and gravity bleed. Still truck will not go into gear after I start truck. I have bled and bled both master and slave. What am I doing wrong.?
I put new plugs new wires new power packs.new fuel filter.new fuel pressure regulator.i just dont know what it could be...when I give it gas it back fires and wants to stall.please help
Check engine light is on and it came up with code p0340 changed it and reset it and the light is still on can you please advice?
Engine starts but won't hold idle unless gas petal is held down
wipers stop working ,change switch and motor ,check ,fuse and relays still not working
I can put it in gear without depressing the clutch and of course, it doesn't engage. What is the problem?
either 1 and I have the owners manual. I have replaced the multi function switch and the wiper motor to no avail. I have a chiltons and it seems to cover the wiring for the rest of the truck, but not the ws washer and...
have no leaks, not dropping fluids. runs good on highway; overheats in stop and go traffic. is it the fan clutch and can i go without using fan clutch?
what is the standard battery size for this truck
If i replaced the pump, hoses, and thermostat and sealed them. I am still leaking it looks like it could be the water pipe return. Is that possible?
Started it by jumping across starter solenoid.1 mechanic told me it was the starter solenoid. Another told me it was the clutch switch.
i need to know what kind of dome light i need. like the bulb type.