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It has done this twice, I shut it off give it a little time and it seems to be fine. Can't tell exactly where the fuel comes from. It is carbureted not fuel injected. Any thoughts????
it happens when it warms up ichecked every thing i could think pleas help its making me nuts
what compressor can I use, is there a factory bracket. what do I need to know. Thanks
I've put a new alternator on it and a new battery. And when you start it up, it'll only run 30min-1hr. Then just dies because the battery is drained down.
I found a vacuum line that's leaking oil, on the drivers side of the transmission. Could that be the problem?
this happens whenever i have to stop such as at a redlight etc...
clutch on a 1988 Mazda B2200 truck does not pop back up once it is pushed.
on 25/25 test HC PP Reading 505 allowed is 223 Co% Reading 12.22 allowed is 2.79 On 50/15 test HC Pp Reading is 389 allowed is 228 Co% reading is 11.86 allowed is 2.06 Can you t...
after i put trans back on the clutch pedal when foot off it wont come back up it'll stay down.already replaced slave tried bleeding but still stays down what could it be?
I would like to change the cylinder head gasket and I need a diagram on how to do it and I could not find my book.
The old O2 sensor didnot give me check engine light.But the new one did it twice then turns off when I park re-star my truck again. Any advice what can I do ??? A friend of mine told me BOSCH works better with europea...
Truck was running fine tell I redid all the front gaskets than developed a tick in the head had it running with the valve cover off to see what was going on and head is only reciving oil in the rear of the head and no...