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I have a Mazda B2600 2.6L 5 speed manual transmission. Why does is keep burning out the mass flow sensor? What can I do to remedy this problem?
Problem started after the center council was removed and replaced. The dash light seems to dim when the overdrive button is pushed on and off. The B2200 has 146,000 miles and we are the original owners.
My cooling system has to much pressure. I changed head gasket and intake manifold gasket and it still has the same problem. It ran good for about four hours and the old problem came back. Now it smokes, misses and has...
On the intake side of the heater core had broke where the hose connects to intake any suggestions on what could be done to repair this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time.
It has done this twice, I shut it off give it a little time and it seems to be fine. Can't tell exactly where the fuel comes from. It is carbureted not fuel injected. Any thoughts????
it happens when it warms up ichecked every thing i could think pleas help its making me nuts
Check engine light has recently begun to light up and go off. Is there any use to the multi-pin connector just under the dash left of the steering wheel? Can I use it to access codes? I need to locate problem asap, I'...
what compressor can I use, is there a factory bracket. what do I need to know. Thanks
I just fixed my truck from having a blowed head gasket
Having to change oil pan gasket which is the easiest way I was told drop sway bar than told not to. have to lift motor up 2 inches
I've put a new alternator on it and a new battery. And when you start it up, it'll only run 30min-1hr. Then just dies because the battery is drained down.
I found a vacuum line that's leaking oil, on the drivers side of the transmission. Could that be the problem?
this happens whenever i have to stop such as at a redlight etc...
clutch on a 1988 Mazda B2200 truck does not pop back up once it is pushed.
on 25/25 test HC PP Reading 505 allowed is 223 Co% Reading 12.22 allowed is 2.79 On 50/15 test HC Pp Reading is 389 allowed is 228 Co% reading is 11.86 allowed is 2.06 Can you t...
A light blue, thick smoke is emitting from my tail pipe when I start it after an eight hour period of dormantcy. Why is it doing this?
after i put trans back on the clutch pedal when foot off it wont come back up it'll stay down.already replaced slave tried bleeding but still stays down what could it be?
I would like to change the cylinder head gasket and I need a diagram on how to do it and I could not find my book.
The old O2 sensor didnot give me check engine light.But the new one did it twice then turns off when I park re-star my truck again. Any advice what can I do ??? A friend of mine told me BOSCH works better with europea...
Truck was running fine tell I redid all the front gaskets than developed a tick in the head had it running with the valve cover off to see what was going on and head is only reciving oil in the rear of the head and no...
The first smog test became bad,but most of the error were fixed.Today got the second smog test,everything passed,but FAIL-ECS: other emission related components. Then the technitian wrote at the bottom of the results...
put a ground wire from the green test connector.Set the rpm to 750 on idle and timing on 6. As soon I disconnect the ground wire,the engine accelerate and rpm goes over 800.The repair manual ask me to ground the test ...
Any idea how to solve the problem??? Already replaced pcv valve.Bought new gas tank cap. Any idea this will fix the problem ?
just bypass the heater core cause a leak inside the truck