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When traveling the wrench light comes on and car will not go. As if it runs out of gas. After turning off it is Ok. Happened on railroad track has become very dangerous.
Gets noisy past 40mph and started getting worse after I changed the 2 front tires.
This happens when the computer is trying to decide if it needs to be in the right gear. Let me know if there is a fix to smooth this gear change up. Thanks Roy J
How do I troubleshoot a leak to the floorboard, driver side after a rain or car wash? This car is garaged so I know it's only after a rain or long car wash. Tips appreciated. Regards.
Radiator level is good. Climate control fuses are good. Engine temp is normal.
I've ridden in the back area next to the hatchback. The rattle appears at any speed over 50 mph, disappears at lower speeds.