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When it points to Park, its actually in reverse. When pointing to Reverse, its in Neutral. And When it points to Neutral, its in Drive. Basically off by 1 position. Where do I start to trouble shoot it?
these are very expensive, has any one had any experience with these shocks, they are supposed to replace the originals. i have used the struts but don, like the stiff ride.
so if we are driving and come to a complete stop it says it going 10 miles instead of 0 and thats only after we been driving for a while . other then that if i go turn it on right now and drive it since it hasent been...
I did a tune up and put it back togethor and now it wont run inless i unplug the MAF sensor. It was running before i did the tune up,so i am lost. Please help
The engine is dropped, used one arrived, what materials will I need to get it running. Ex: How many quarts of oil, what kind of oil, antifreeze, Freon, etc.. the engine that is going into the Navigator, has 114k miles...
About five weeks ago I had the front drivers side tire replaced on my aviator. Tire kingdom put the wrong size on. I had extreme difficulty driving afterwards. Once the issue was rectified, it has not been driving smo...
I noticed check engine light on when I got home yesterday. Then last night I drove about a mile car sat for an hr or so. When I tried to start it it wouldn't it has good battery,gas,and tries to start but won't.
only occurs when turning.Have replaced all upper & lower ball joints
I hear and feel air coming out of the compressor
The car will start right up after its been sitting for a couple of hours but if i start it an cut it off it wont start right back up until the car has sat for a couple of hours
My brother put super unleaded instead of unleaded after 20 minutes a light turned on not sure if it check engine light he said it was an emissions light