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Took to shop transmission fluid fine, showed no symptoms drove about 8 miles the next AM powertrain light, airbag light and tire sensor light came on, speedometer did not much memory ve but seemed to ride ok for anot...
When traveling the wrench light comes on and car will not go. As if it runs out of gas. After turning off it is Ok. Happened on railroad track has become very dangerous.
Sound varies directly w/ speed,exactly. Never services PTU lube, have 106K miles. Noise is getting louder, is not tire noise. Too loud for a luxury name vehicle! Changing both rear bearings today with concern for this...
was traveling and found windows down next morning at motel. it was definitely not human error
1986 Nissan pickup always garaged never out in winter since new- Orig 40K miles 2wd / 4cyl - did not come with AC - is there anyone in the Southern New England area that can install correctly ???? Tks
I started to hear a whine when accelerating. Shop just called telling me I have metal bits in the PTU and it should be replaced for $1500. I see the Edge (basically the same vehicle) has many reports of this. Of co...
When idling and revving motor could not reproduce sound
Cooling fans quit working and have checked everything but relay, but can not find it to check?????
When brake pedal is fully engage to the floor
My 2007 Lincoln MKX is smoking under the hood and making a loud ding/rubbing noise when I drive but when I bag back it's making a squinting noise
Gets noisy past 40mph and started getting worse after I changed the 2 front tires.
This happens when the computer is trying to decide if it needs to be in the right gear. Let me know if there is a fix to smooth this gear change up. Thanks Roy J
my car made loud screeching noise and a/c stopped has 140k miles. just from my past experiences I assumed it was a/c clutch.I got a used compressor,put it on,pulled vacuum,and tried to add freon, but comp w...
The seal on the other side is very loose & ready to fall off too. Should I just slip it back on? Glue it? Take it in for repair? I don't think it will stay in place unless it gets attached somehow.
It looks like the whole assembly must come out but I can't see where the bolts are?
How do I troubleshoot a leak to the floorboard, driver side after a rain or car wash? This car is garaged so I know it's only after a rain or long car wash. Tips appreciated. Regards.
I just purchased this vehicle - also how often should the brakes be changed?
Radiator level is good. Climate control fuses are good. Engine temp is normal.
couldengine old this be transmission
I've ridden in the back area next to the hatchback. The rattle appears at any speed over 50 mph, disappears at lower speeds.
i have a 2007 lincoln mkx that does not have functuning navigation and radio, the entire light system remains on and all the warning signs reflect error. So what do i do? and if you think its the body control module ...