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Had ptu sealed don't see thick black stuff anymore had a seal replace recently

I have a totaled 2013 Taurus with only 34,000 miles on the motor and, a 2007 Lincoln MKX with blown head gasket and 180,000 miles. I want to exchange the engines. Will that work?

Is there a reset button?

side mirror broke off and shattered glass

It sounds like they forgot to put some kind of muffler back on it or insulation. Replaced cabin air filter, and that whole system seems to be running good, just very loud. Noise not from engine compartment.

This just started the other day. It was hot and I turned the sir conditioninformation on. The driver side was cool but the passenger side is blowing extremely hot air. Checked all options to see if it changed and it doesn't. This began 9.15.16 and is still not functioning properly. Extremely uncomfortable for the passenger

after i turn my engine off my car makes a clicking sound. it seems to come from behind the heating/cooling vents.

when driving my car it makes a loud humming sound. the faster I go the louder it gets.

while driving my car it will begin to stutter once i hit about 30mph

At between 1000 to 1200 rpm, the car bucks seemingly between shifting. New transmission last year. They say "not a trans issue."
I thought maybe a set of plugs.

In October 2014, the Dealership we bought our 2011 MKX from had graciously covered the Half shaft lockbox on the MKX in good faith with a warrenty of 12,000 miles or 12 months. We' exceeded both of those before being told on November 12th 2015, that the SEAL for the same section which was replaced last year as part of a Recall for the FORD Edge, is NOW seeping fluids from the Seal (listed as a $325.00 Caution), but was not noticable before now, let alone before the 12,000 miles / 12 month warrenty?? Seeing as how this is in the SAME section of the recalled part, shouldn't the service department have inspected the area during the SEVERAL oil changes and other service we had done prior to this one? I mean would you continue to see a doctor who discovers something is wrong with you, but doesn't keep tabs on the situation, or keeps tabs, but does nothing to improve the situation until your insurance is up?

After driving almost a 1000 miles my MKX does a hard shift to a lower gear. This jump shakes the whole car and feels like the transmission has broken. From here on in every time I go up a hill or accelerate the same thing happens. Revs go from 2k to 4k and remain there until I get to a constant speed. If I pull the car over and turn it off the problem corrects itself for the few hundred miles. Wrench led comes on but no code is detected at the Lincoln dealer. Had them update the software and do a trans fluid change but the problem re-occurs. Lincoln dealer could not find any problem with the vehicle.

dealer twcie and was told it's a normal noise for the make and model, yet it did not make that noise when we purchaed the vehicle.

The GPS system is subpar and outdated

Problem started yesterday. Turn the key, car cranks but won't start. Let go of the key and it still try's to start. Not touching the key. Let it sit for about an hour it started right up.

Coils have been replaced...engine still running rough.A/C stopped working. Engine computer?

ABS and AutoTrac lights stay on