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Changed balancer didn't improve,any ideas,could the alternator have shifted?

Could it be the stsrter

My driver side seat will not sit up and it has declined. I am basically laying way back. All the other functions on the seat work fine. I tried to push the button up and then manually push the back of the chair up but it won't reset or even move. The button will allow it to Lay Back, not no other motion. Again all other functions work on the seat. Any suggestions? Yes I checked the fuse.

If hose asy thermostat replaced and leaking coolant noticed could this indicate a radiator problem?

2005 ls v-6. I've noticed that, at highway speeds, there is some difficulty keeping a straight line without constantly moving the steering wheel slightly back and forth. The car seem to drift from one side of the lane to the other. There is a sort of "dead zone" at top center and a few degrees in either direction in which you can turn the wheel without a response from the tires. we are trying to understand what is causing this problem?

The car seems to only do this after it is warmed up, and it takes 1 hour to go 5 miles..... Please help!!!

Try to start car and it cranks sometime others not. Replaced fuel filter and fuel pump. Any ideas?

work to repair "worn upper control arms," "worn lower control arm bushings, "rear lower control arms have play" etc. He also said the ball joints could not be replaced on the Lincoln LS. He must be pulling my leg?? What is a "worn control arm"? Do they wear out?

I took it to another shop and they did an alignment to repair a tire wear issue, and told me the suspension was tight.

Half way back to Reno from Auburn, CA; stopped at rest area and although battery is charged and lights, et al, work, car won't start--nothing.

i would like to know if 225/R6517 tires fit my 05 lincoln ls

my car sometimes hesitates when reaching about 60mph

How do I reset the PCM to reconize this change. the neg. battery cable was off for more than 24hrs. When I cranked it up the failsafe symbol and check engine light is on and the car will not go past 5 mph, pressing on the gas does nothing, it doesn't even raise the engine.

now when these pieces fallapart, they have to clog up the coolant circulation. but where do they go. cause i replaced the thermostat housing and when i saw the worn out plastc, i said to myself this has to be the overheating problem. plastic pieces getting clogged in coolant system somewhere. but where cause i have no leak and my water pump and stuff r good. i think the plastic parts gotta be serviced every year or two. my opinion, thermostat housing and all plastic parts. cause when the plastic around the thermostat falls apart going in the coolant system somewhere cause coolant circulation problems causing overheating to occur. my car is over heating and bubbling in tank until it over flows from high PSI. i didnt change ma water pump cause mechanic said it works. he said the pieces that corroted in the thermostat housing is clogging something. so think before u change all these things. im gonna strip all coolant connects and check where these plastic peices that hold the thermostat in its place are going. these r pretty big pieces it u ever saw what the thermostat housing looks like when is corroted