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The traction control light came on and other lights and the car died and wont start at all
If hose asy thermostat replaced and leaking coolant noticed could this indicate a radiator problem?
clicks but won't crank, battery has tested good
My sunroof wasnt working, when the car was getting worked on, it opened all windows , but now cant close it again
I removed one of my fuse boxes and forgot to disconnect the battery and now I can't start the car. It won't even turn over. It is the passive anti-theft security system that won't let me start it. I need help ASAP
My 2000 Lincoln LS 3.9l V8 is leaking coolant near the cooling fan, just in front and below the coolant reservoir. Could that be the pump, water neck or the radiator?
This causes the alarm to go off when I lock it. If I don't lock it, the inside and side view mirror lights come on and causes my battery to die.
need a drawing to show how to remove. where is it located.i have removed radio but dont see it
2005 ls v-6. I've noticed that, at highway speeds, there is some difficulty keeping a straight line without constantly moving the steering wheel slightly back and forth. The car seem to drift from one side of the lane...
I changed the ac filter but I can't reset so it says ac filter 100% and the check engine light is still on. How do I reset? I already tried hitting reset but it's not doing anything.
Light comes on when turning on car. I replace it when I do oil change on car, but light still comes on.
Engine is overheating within minutes. Took to mechanic after turning the car on in the morning only driving eight miles and needle going to hot and the car shut down. They put in a new surge tank/overflow tank a...
the parking break is all the way down and i have the ATS button off