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My 2000 Lincoln LS 3.9l V8 is leaking coolant near the cooling fan, just in front and below the coolant reservoir. Could that be the pump, water neck or the radiator?
This causes the alarm to go off when I lock it. If I don't lock it, the inside and side view mirror lights come on and causes my battery to die.
need a drawing to show how to remove. where is it located.i have removed radio but dont see it
2005 ls v-6. I've noticed that, at highway speeds, there is some difficulty keeping a straight line without constantly moving the steering wheel slightly back and forth. The car seem to drift from one side of the lane...
I changed the ac filter but I can't reset so it says ac filter 100% and the check engine light is still on. How do I reset? I already tried hitting reset but it's not doing anything.
Light comes on when turning on car. I replace it when I do oil change on car, but light still comes on.
Engine is overheating within minutes. Took to mechanic after turning the car on in the morning only driving eight miles and needle going to hot and the car shut down. They put in a new surge tank/overflow tank a...
the parking break is all the way down and i have the ATS button off
Mechanic drained and replaced transmission fluid. Test drove 1/2 hour. 3 hours later I picked it up and the temp gauge starting rising and alarm went off. Should they have also replaced the thermostat? Also, had them ...
This causes the car to start over heating of course. I have to refill my reservoir one a day. My car also has a ticking noise now coming from the engine that has progressed a bit too.
Water not circulating through waterborne hoses.waterborne not stop up.
Hydraulic fan fluid down by half, added proper fluid 5 days ago. Antifreeze needs topping off every couple, few months. Next day after temp indicated car was overheating, I drove it for 15 minutes/3 miles without (sam...
There are no trouble codes in the computer. Traction control & the ABS seem to be working correctly. The light is on all the time when engine is running.
It will not tilt up/down it will sometimes drive in/out but not consistently. I tried dis/reconnecting the battery but it didn't help. What could cause/fix this?
the lights will dim and the car will die. I will get the car jumped and its starts right away. The battery and Alternator have full voltage.