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need a drawing to show how to remove. where is it located.i have removed radio but dont see it
I just bought a 2005 LS. After 2nd day engine light came on and has stayed on. Owners manual says gas cap might not be seated right or installed correctly. I filled up tank, put cap on and it and found it will not cli...
engine idle high & sometime surge forward when sitting at a red light. When air is on it idles higher.
The following fault codes come up. Those related to emissions/catalytic converter were there before and Ford mechanic recommended not worrying about. The others are more worry some as the "E" symbol has also come on...
car wont go into gear so i can take it to get serviced is there away to release it manually
looses throttle and I have a code p0430 after replacing several coil packs. any help would be appreciated thank you
It seems that the brakes are grinding on the edge of the rotors only. any way to fix this issue and the noise?