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front passenger door lock don,t lock either manuel or with remote ,all the other ,s work no problem
dual air contioning goes from cold to heat. must stop car and restart contioning to go back to cold.
has a leak ,needs to be replace
how to change a coli pack and spark plugs
I replace 3 coil packs at the dealer at $350. each I would like to replace the other 5 coils how do I do this
Dealer said compressor is fine but the control valve is shot. Needs to remove dashboard to get to it and disassemble the plennum. 14hr. labor. Am I getting ripped off or is this the only way to get to the control valve?
How do I change the cooling temperature senor - location?
I have an intermitent overheating problem with my LS. The thermostat has been replaced and the cooling fans are properly working. This problem has been going on for about a year. I've heard of this problem with the...
The car starts to shake in the floor and steering wheel at around 60 to 65 mph. I'm assuming the U-joints are history and I believe this means a new drive shaft is necessary. I'm looking for an opinion other than mi...
my check charging system came on and the battery light. replaced battery and lights still on what else should i check?
My car needs an ECU and considering a used one but not sure how to find the ID#
I am trying to find a replacement part for the rubber weather stripping/trim for the front passenger door. The molding is loose at the curved area at the front part by the dash and will not stay in place. Therefore ...
front brakes chatter and they have a pump grinding noise, this has happened twice this past week. I went to the lincoln dealer a while back because the abs/traction control and lite comes on and goes out.
my check engine light is flashing and the motor is running rough and suggestions?