I need to be able to go through snow and rain without a problem. As of right now, my car slips and slides on rainy surfaces.

It will not move forward or backwards and will no longer heat up

my 02 lincoln ls will not start. it has no power at all. i think the problem is my battery but wen i tried to jump start it, it still would not charge. can anyone help me find out what is wrong with it?

Runs great untill I slow down to stop or turn, then it stalls out.

dont no ware to put tranny fluid in

where is the o2 sensor bank1 sensor 1

where is the 02 sensor bank1 sensor1

I have an 2002 ls that won't start . I changed the fuel pump still nothing, I was wondering if i could have an clogged fuel line and if so is it diffult to replace

how to change rear taillight on 2002 lincoln LS

I had purchased my ls in 2007 and a company truck ran in to the front of it they went ahead and toalteld it so im just woundering is it worth geting it fixed back to its orginal state

my ls has around 34k miles, regular maintenance and now I have coil and catalytic converter problems. For repair it will cost me around 2300.00. They told me it has been misfiring (3 codes). Should this have happened?

when I start my 2002 Lincoln LS white smoke comes from the tailpipe. I need to know what is causing that.

Car says it overheats but isnt actually overheating, has a new thermostat and full water and coolant with no leaks. Bought a new sensor but not sure where it goes.

Brake light came on a few months after back brakes services; no problem with braking; fluid is in. Airbag has never been deployed but light stays on.

i replaced battery car has gas but it wont cut on it cranks but doesnt have enough power.. what can this be????