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I'm considering purchasing a 2002 Lincoln aviator with 40,000 miles. Does anyone know if it has a history of recalls or problems with 2002 Lincoln Aviator's?
Is there a recurring problem with the vehicle?
Power steering fluid does not circulate but turns freely. Belt changed 2 months ago. Sound does not change when turning.
While driving the transmission slips, the check engine light is on, and tire gauge light comes on, even though the tires are fine. I took it to Tire Works and they said I needed to replace my transmission,
I can only open with keyless remote. I checked fuses everything good. Is it that both switches bad?
The trim piece is broken, I hear that‘s common. I nead the part number and where can I purchase one?
What can I do for now until I can get someone to check it out.
From park to drive it jerks hard then to reserve and it goes in fine then shift it back to drive still jerks very hard
It interferes with the climate control itself. As the reading climbs the A/C will switch from heat to cool, until I raise the inside temp reading to above the outside reading. Ford has replaced the ambient temp. sen...
I have backup sensors that falsely sound whenever car is in reverse, even when there is nothing behind me. I want to diisconnect them (there are 4) one at a time to find bad sensor.
I own a 2005 Aviator. I am hoping that someone can help me identify an issue I am having. My Aviator runs wonderful if the temperature outside is 60 degress or below. If the temp is over 65 degrees the vehicle tends t...