fuel pressure reading 35 to 40

Check engine light is on

replaced the starter had the battery charged. wont crank just clicks now i dont know what could be wrong with it?. cant afford getting it towed and in a shop right now.

i checked my battery, the started was hot wired and turn on but wouldnt afterward when key was inserted. im not sure if the relays are bad or the fuses.

I have been losing coolant and running hot pressure tested system and found no leaks any ideas on this

How often should the rear end fluid and filter be changed?

Trying to replace thermostat and trying to figure out where it is.

My fuse for the headlights burned and melted into the fuse location. I was told this is a common problem for the Aviator. I want to know if you have to replace the whole box, or can the fuse location just be cleaned and a new fuse entered. And is the dealer the only one that can replace the box?

this has happened many times, have to jump start it everytime

Looked at the fuses none are blown. Looked at both fuse boxes under hood and steering wheel

Well it's just a blank screen the monitor comes on but the DVD player will not let any DVD go in or out

This jappened whem i hpolef up a 5x8 utility trailer. The trailer was heavy. Approx 2600 lbs.

The awd singe keep coming on when I trun I feel the differents

I turned on my AC yesterday & I heard thud thud sound & then a horrible smell

JUST BOUGHT IT 75K runs new except tire pressure on PC LIGHT WENT ON HIT CLEAR NO OTHER ISSUES ? NEW TIRES COMING TOMORROW FIX IT WHEN CHANGE TO NEW TIRES ? LOST WINDOWS IN DOWN POSITION ? Must be a way to reset onboard pc to bring back problem ? All was well before change ? Thanks searching owners guide now ?

I have had to replace front end twice cause of this problem so we just left the drive line disconnected till we can figure it out

There is no power to the engine, when accelerate the car could not move

This only happens when SUV is sitting in the Sun on real hot days.

need to know whats has to be done to get axle clearance for removal,ball joint disconnect or whats the procedure

About five weeks ago I had the front drivers side tire replaced on my aviator. Tire kingdom put the wrong size on. I had extreme difficulty driving afterwards. Once the issue was rectified, it has not been driving smoothly. There is a grinding and rumbling sound coming from the front of the vehicle and causes the steering wheel to pull slightly. What could be the issue?

only occurs when turning.Have replaced all upper & lower ball joints

My brother put super unleaded instead of unleaded after 20 minutes a light turned on not sure if it check engine light he said it was an emissions light