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My brother put super unleaded instead of unleaded after 20 minutes a light turned on not sure if it check engine light he said it was an emissions light
truck wont start i was told the timing off it try to start but wont turn over it turn over slow i was driving an truck just stop an wont start but try to start
truck wont start i was told its the timing belt
When driving slow or turning slow there's this loud grinding noise that sounds like its coming for the rear of the car
trying to bleed air ou of coolant system nw , haveing trouble finding purge valve
Im haveing trouble finding the bleeder valve for the coolant,possible air in coolant ? Im trying to go down the list of possibilities to fix the problem ? any help would be great !!
I have installed new spark plugs and plug wire boots.
I was told this is most likely due to blockage in the drainage tubes at the sunroof, but that there are gaskets in these that make it hard to blow junk out without also blowing those out. My mechanic had sprayed some...
where can you buy or order one. mine brokeoff.
the turn signal indictor does not click on/off. could the problem exist at the point of connection to th steering column?
My engine warning light came on, but the vehicle seems to running fine. I had recently had my battery changed (within the last month). I drive less than 1,500 miles a year and now have only 22,230 miles on my Aviator....
mechanic cannot get any codes to come up. as engine warms it also won't shift