Check engine light is on

replaced the starter had the battery charged. wont crank just clicks now i dont know what could be wrong with it?. cant afford getting it towed and in a shop right now.

How often should the rear end fluid and filter be changed?

this has happened many times, have to jump start it everytime

This jappened whem i hpolef up a 5x8 utility trailer. The trailer was heavy. Approx 2600 lbs.

I have had to replace front end twice cause of this problem so we just left the drive line disconnected till we can figure it out

This only happens when SUV is sitting in the Sun on real hot days.

only occurs when turning.Have replaced all upper & lower ball joints

My muffler rattles when I get going and goes away at 20 to 25 MPH. Could it be that something is loose?

Could it be something loose like the heat shield?