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trickle charger indicates 100%, but key fab doesn't work and when I try to start the car no lights come on and the car won't start. Battery is only 1 year old. Car acts as if the battery is dead. no sounds, no noth...
Got new run flat tires this summer what does this mean
How do I gain access to the bulb ?
I used a light tester to confirm that no juice was getting to the horn. What do I try next?
on my 2005 sc430, REAR BUMPER, there was a separate piece approx. 3" x 8" that snapped into the bumper, thus making the rear bumper ''whole" with no holes, except for the 2 screw holes for the license plate. without...
I just don't want to pay Lexus $75 to replace a light bulb.!!
I don't want to force anything and it's not obvious to me what to do in what sequence,,Help. I don't want to pay Lexus $75 to replace a light bulb!
I need to know how to close my map dvd
When I start the car up I get a noise, kind of like a pop when a sterro is turned on, but I get no sound from the radio or cd player. I am able to tune the tuner and the volume control appears to work, but no sound.
How do you get access to the 3rd (middle) rear brake light located on the trunk in order to change the bulb?
from apr7 to apr12 i chenged 2times o2sensor 1 bank 1 s..Hw lites check ang.;AVS and AVS OFF still on...we can find problems..please halp as..lexus cs430 2005...thanks