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Checked all fuses they are good. It does blink when valet switch is pushed

It stopped working a week ago

Does car need oils changed at 95000 miles?

estimate of 2000.00 to high?

There are no more GPS updates for Lexus Gen 2 GPS and I understand the Gen 4 can replace the Gen 2 DVD player in the trunk. Will this replacement work correctly as I can get GPS map updates for the Gen 4 units?

why does sensor lights come on so often. whats wrong with car.

The top opens fine. When you go to close it , the top closes but the trunk lid doesn't come down, hence the back windows don't close and then you can push trunk down. Has a buzzing noise in trunk that seems to be under the trunk covers on the right front. It's not the antenna.

the audio cover does not work

the side mirrors will not go in when ignition is turned off or go out when starting.

reset engine ck light. vsc off came on and would not go off

Dealer states the door was in the open position when I dropped off the car. This is not correct...they just don't want to take responsibility. Dealer wants $225 to fix. Are there instructions available to fix the problem myself?

Replay new antenna for sc430 Lexsus how much does it cost

passenger headlamp comes off and on. I would like for both to be mechanically incline. thank you.

Had something on the tonneau and didn't know it and try to convertible and they broke off then tonneau brackets or maybe called stoppers

i have the light out there seem something hold ont in place

I had the Lexus mechanics check my horn while they were replacing my (recalled) airbags. They tell me it is a spiral cable problem. Where do I find this part? Or someone to fix it without costing me a fortune?

The original radio was taken out of the car and it was replaced with a after market pioneer Bluetooth radio but now the navigation door and navigation does not work. How do you fix it?

If we don't run the car at least once a week, it dies. Am told it is because the engine computer is always on, draining the battery. This has been happening for years and we have replaced the battery several times. Is there a way to change the software to reduce the drain on the battery? We don't drive it every day and jumping it to drive when we want to is getting old.

My Car slow on take off & after second gear goes, start decreasing speed again? I got a new fuel pump, fuel filter, screen and all new fuel injectors. Why is my car barely pulling on take off and afterward second gear it rides great but starts pulling back speed again?

i hooked up a pioneer dd radio and the navigation does not work

Ele. system does not recognize that the drivers door is shut so lights will not go off. Lexus can't figure out. Changed the rectifier? ($550) nothing. Now wants to diagnose at $150 hr. with no estimate of time. Anyone have any ideas. Car has 90,000, just put in new battery.

while driving .fan runs .I never noticed it coming on before? Turns off after a while but frequency has increased.

I ran out of gas in my 2005 lexus sc430. I added three gallons of premium unleaded and the engine still will not turn over? Do I need to manually prime the fuel injectors......

just bought a sc 430, wanting to know when I should be looking to change timing belt if it has one.