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When I try to play cd player I an receiving an error message?
the regular headlight on driver side turns on sometimes. replaced the bulb 3 times. replaced ballister (sp.) once. finally have it narrowed down to the switch.
trickle charger indicates 100%, but key fab doesn't work and when I try to start the car no lights come on and the car won't start. Battery is only 1 year old. Car acts as if the battery is dead. no sounds, no noth...
either set auto or turn on headlight the headlight washer will spray water . Please help.
Is is common for this sensor to leak periodicly?
Got new run flat tires this summer what does this mean
I just purchased a 2006 Lexus SC-430 With approx.40,000 miles on it. Do I change the belt according to age or mileage? Anything else that I should do?
Autozone diagnostic codes P0440, P0441 & P0446. My car now stalls when i try starting the engine and kind of drags when driving off initially. Thanks I appreciate your suggestions very much
I did have to buy a new battery.I'm also having problems with the stereo system .Could this be related ? HELP PLEASE !!
My car is 11 years old with 50k miles. The dealer is telling me it is time to change the belt.
We replaced the flexible break lines and fixed it for about a year. When you are slowing down to turn in somewhere they lock and it takes a few seconds to release . When someone behind you is following , it presents ...
Lexus tried emergency wire. Might I get hurt if I STOP the top from going up and mess with the trunk latch? Afraid it might shut on my arm. Trunk opened last week. I pulled the shade shut so the top would go down. Th...
How do I gain access to the bulb ?
Or what can someone please help me I don't have a manual to find the symboly
Since the speed sensors send data to the navigation system, would a sensor going bad make the navigation system think the car is moving and gray out the destination selection? This problem is intermittent but is happe...