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was driving, car shut off and wont start again

The trunk opens and the windows go down. The top wants to retract, but the latch, or latches wont release. Is this a sensor problem, or is a latch stuck?

fuel drop from pump to exzost and terble smell

battery has been draining when left for two three days also the lights VSC and check wont go out most of the time

My alarm fob opens the trunk. The valet switch works fine

in the trunk or behind the back seat where passengers sit in back of the car?

Jump started many times with old battery and installed a new battery 2 different times

My car was running hard, I told you husband. He checked it out to find that one of the wires was not connected. He says someone had to have removed ut, but no one has been under my hood. Can a clamped wire gomez off on its own?

Checked all fuses they are good. It does blink when valet switch is pushed

Car loses power wheels I am driving but only when I turn on the lights car will run fine all day until I turn on the lights then the rpms race but car does not gain any speed it's only throwing one code P1600 and when the lights are on the EPC light is on somebody please help

problem happens daily.

I can use my air but i dont know how to switch it over to heat

The left front head light does not stay on after cycling the head light switch, then the light stays on for a while

My traction control switch start blinking when I'm in the road and my left tire lock on me and the ABS go on and make my SUV go to the right side


It stopped working a week ago

It will not accelerate. It will move but it will not get up any speed.

I cant find the same exact code for my year car. Can i use the same code from diffrent car year? Or what codes fit my 1992?

The only way to get vehicle to go into gear is to manually do it from the switch under the truck. This has happened several times what is the problem

Is it Fuel injector or fuel rail???

If you go back to below 35 runs smooth again. Mechanics i spoke with suggested - computer issue, Torque module issue or possibly Altenator issue

Is this a fuse, sensor or ?

Problems occur when I start car at end of work. Does not smoke when driving.Today the car has not been idling smoothly on my way home.

I thought it was my alternator giving me problems with my belt but after replacing the alternator the new belt snaped

The cam are leaking oil and seals need replacement.

Does car need oils changed at 95000 miles?

I hooked up jumpercables hot on negative and ground on positive and now my car want start .what did I burn up?

My car is making ringing noise on the front right side usually when I turn steering wheel to left and idea
I replaced water pump,belts,and alternator already

estimate of 2000.00 to high?

It releases then stops and my traction control keeps engaging I just recently has some front-end work done and a month ago I actually replaced the pump because it completely went out but before it did it started to engage the traction and the breaks wood fail when I engage them and then they would come back