the master warning light comes on when I start my car and then shuts off. Lexus dealer just did a maintenance service today and the light still comes on. No problems were found in the car. What can I do to clear the Master warning Light.

The car sounds very loud.

There is a coolant leak thats coming from a hole on the top of the throttle body. There is also a round metal plug that came out of the hole. Any suggestions?

Also want to know what a brake job will cost for all four

I had the code P0430. So i replaced all the o2 sensers all 5 of the why is the check engine light still on. How many miles do i need to drive to let the system reset. Do have factory radio to do it my self and i disconnected the battery still on please help.

I did a touch up on my scracth and and its a ddifferent color but when i bought the touch uppaint at the lexus dealer they said thats the color from my vin# that much up with my car but now its a different color

Gas pedal will not excellrate.

What to do?

My daughter is keeping the car on the East Coast for college. I need a smog Certification from a Bureau of Auto Repair STAR station. Can she get that in VA?

These two tests alone will definitively tell you if you have a leak or other engine problem, where it is. Why can I not find these tests available at most mechanic shops or sites, including

The remote controlled pivot of the outside rear view mirror still works.

Check engine light came on. Diagnostic code P0420

It does not want to shift gears

Missing badly when it's reved@2000 rpm and shut down when I remove my foot from the gas pedal

The starter is mounted on the transmission and has a fire wall right next to it. How can I remove that.

Lexus RX 350

While in park with the emergency brake down the car sounds fine when u crank it up an it's running. When u release the emergency brake while in park it rolls backwards and the regular brakes want stop it either. When I shift to drive and try to accelerate it want go forward; it rolls backwards & the regular brakes want stop it. While in drive it's making a loud clunking straining grinding scraping like noise from under the hood. Noise coming from passenger side, I think? Nothing appears wrong from under the car. VCS, traction, check engine light all on. Prior to all this happening, the oil change indicator had been on. This just happened while I was driving home. Left car parked. Car will not drive forward at all, just keep rolling backards except when the emergency brake is down and then the noise goes away too. Please help me! What can be wrong? What is the repair cost

When the emergency brake is released it rolls backwards; also while in drive and trying to accelerate too. While in drive engine making a loud scraping/clucking/grinding noise. Please help me!!

When the emergency brake is released it rolls backwards; also while in drive and trying to accelerate too. While in drive engine making a loud scraping/clucking/grinding noise. Please help

My gear shifter got damaged and now it will only allow me to drive the car in D4 instead of (D)drive

The tach has been jumping and he engine idles high. Could it be a sensor problem? No check engine light

Is it a sensor issue?

The car does not idle it dies out you let off the gas? I don't know what the issue is with it it is also blowing black smoke can you tell me what could be the problem

need to know if its the fuel pump or fuelfilter or somthing else

sounds like its not getting fuel

What years interchange with 2000 Lexus gs300

no check engine light. trac light come on at times an goes out for awhile when i turn the engine off and back on.

My PCV has not been changed in 50,000 miles.

recommendations from lexus: repair transfer assembly, power steering pressure hose and tube; and repair coolant valley pan. Other than oil leak these are only recommendations and I have no indication that anything is wrong with my RX330 except the oil leak. Do these need to be done or are they just a way for lexus to gain repair work.

The tire seems to get blisters bumps and bubbles on the outer side of the tread on the front end driver side tire it appears to be leaning in at the very top I guess that would be a toe in our camber out of the out of alignment but the popping sound still makes no sense