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dealer won't do it since it's not from their lexus replacement key part inventory.
The trunk lid falls and the gas filled struts don't keep the lid open during colder weather. Is this an easy fix?
What needs to be done at the 60,000 miles tune-up?
The rubber/foam that holds and secures the movement of a cup in the cup holder, needs to be replaced in my 2004 lexus SC430. Where do I find that material? How do I replace it?
car vibrates when i get to about 50mph. told that i have to replace wheels at a cost of about 1000.00
The rear view mirror came off and is just hanging from the wires. It looks like it would be easy but I just can't get it done! HELP!
one touch automatic up down window does not work
what is the bulb part number and how do I replace it?