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When I try to play cd player I an receiving an error message?
My car is 11 years old with 50k miles. The dealer is telling me it is time to change the belt.
We replaced the flexible break lines and fixed it for about a year. When you are slowing down to turn in somewhere they lock and it takes a few seconds to release . When someone behind you is following , it presents ...
I cracked the case on my key holder. I want to purchase another shell for the key. Will it be easy to transfer the chip from the old one to the new one then get the key cut? Do I need to get the key cut first before s...
I want to drive the car only with the fog lights on. Can it be done or the other lights need to be on as well?
When should the differential fluid be changed and how often. Also, when should the PCV valve be changed.
my antena will not go all the way down when radio is off. bought a new mast, what steps should I take to replace old for new Thanks