No idiot lights on in cluster.

Do I always have to use 91 octane fuel?

I read that there is a small button under the driver's side that resets it, but when I push it, it turns on another light symbol on the dash.

The light comes on in the dash panel and even after I check the tires, it stays on.

I have a leaky AC drain hose on the drivers side. It makes the carpet wet only when I run the AC. Is there an easy way to unclog the hose ?

The sound is similar to something like vinyl flapping but can't find anything loose. At slow speeds there is nothing.

is it okay to have the brakes done elsewhere and what should I ask

Driver's side window will operate properly, windows on each door will operate its window but the control panel on the driver's door will not open the passenger side or rear door windows. The lock button is in the proper position.

This is evident when the car is washed. My windows are always marked up. they squeak when going up/down. They are very tight.

I had the oil changed yesterday at the Lexus dealership.
They checked the car out and told me that the battery test failed and that I should replace the battery. Is it common to have to replace a battery after only 23,000 miles? I purchased an extended warranty for the vehicle but I don't know if it covers a battery.

angel sensor internal circuit, i already replaced G sensor and spiral cable and also aliment is done too but still problem stay