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Just got tires rotated when repairman noticed a corroded bolt securing my left air shock. Recommended replacement of back set of shocks. Is this necessary. Said the job would costs 400.00.
My release to the gas cap inside car not release, and driver seat warm and air not working I'm asking what would be the cost to get these things repair
Dealer didn't hear it bc it would only happen sporadically but now it is constant
as well the fan does not work and i can't shift out of park. When the car is warm it is fine. This car is in cold is 0 F. thanks Gerry
When AWD button pushed light comes on then just goes out. Just bought used and not sure if their is like a transfer case with some type of electronic sifter or how it works. Used to American autos.
I had the oil changed yesterday at the Lexus dealership. They checked the car out and told me that the battery test failed and that I should replace the battery. Is it common to have to replace a battery after only 2...
I have 110,000 miles. Being a widow it is very hard for me to know about these things. I have tried reseting, to no avail. Please help!
The shop said that the noise would stop when the air bleeds. It has been 8 months and is getting worse???
angel sensor internal circuit, i already replaced G sensor and spiral cable and also aliment is done too but still problem stay
AFS light in cluster came on and diagnostic tool shows trouble code B2414 ( Steering position sensor)
My battery is one year old... I just had the service done 3 days ago... It is parked inside... There is not one ounce of battery power, nothing will work... I unhooked the battery and made sure the terminal connection...
also the brake light as if the emerg brake was on came on, brakes good, no fluid loss or stopping problems.Can Autozone code reader detect this problem?
Is there something else holding the rotor on. It appears to be the same as the front rotor removal.
I have coolant in the car. The first time I start it it will not blow warm air. I turned it off and went back to start it and it warmed up. Why is it not blowing warm air?
Why is this happening and will lexus stand behind this. For a top notch company I am surprised this happened
Lexus says I need to buy new Lexus radio ($1000); can I buy a cheaper Best Buy radio and still have it synch with Nav, phone,DVD audi? Any recommendations?
Scratch is deep enough to show the black and is on the rear passenger side body. The car has 17500 miles on it. How much would it cost me to fix it and how will it be fixed?
car was in wreck came home with light on
When the car first starts up the smell fills the car. After about 30 seconds it goes away. My concern is there is in fact mole or mildew in my system and after 4 years what is that going to do. Has anyone noticed t...
I was driving and suddenly i noticed that the airbag light was on and after i turn off the car and restart, the light is gone. Today, it happened again. Any idea?
Is there somewhere I can go online for the directions to do so. If I disconnect the battery will it cause any problems with the electronics in the car?
My Trac On, VSC and check engine on and we tested it and this code P0355, what does this mean