At least once a week the ignition sticks so I am not able to start the car. I was told Toyota knows about this defect and will pay for the replacement of the steering column. Is that correct?

door ajar light also comes on and off.
possibly a problem with a cluster

The oil had leak out

is it possible to disengage hybred set up

No idiot lights on in cluster.

My area was covered with a heavy flood and it's like the water entered into engine, I switched off and can't start the engine again, all effort to restart prove abortive. Pls how can I restart it.

Do I always have to use 91 octane fuel?

I read that there is a small button under the driver's side that resets it, but when I push it, it turns on another light symbol on the dash.

The light comes on in the dash panel and even after I check the tires, it stays on.

I have a leaky AC drain hose on the drivers side. It makes the carpet wet only when I run the AC. Is there an easy way to unclog the hose ?

I ve had the transmission fluid changed with another ws fluid had mechanic clean the filter still it jerks

This occurs after sitting idle with engine and air conditioning running

My car went for 115 K maintenance. When I was driving on highway, I noticed smoke from exhaust, rear windshield oily, and strange noises from the hood. When I parked the car oil was dripping from the engine. Therefore, need to know the diagnosis and its frequency (if reported by others). Thank you.

this problem started 4 days ago, when i started the car.it was not cooling, although I experienced it before and later it started cooling. But now, its not working.I have changed the condenser,filled with gas,but not working.

it started about a week ago can hear it mostly when its idle

to SAT. It even cuts itself off and on. Why has this started and how can it be fixed. I just don't even use the radio any longer it gets on my nerves so bad.

Oil plug in pan secure and filter looks ok

The sound is similar to something like vinyl flapping but can't find anything loose. At slow speeds there is nothing.

is it okay to have the brakes done elsewhere and what should I ask

My car was kind of bucking a few months ago while coasting at low speeds every now and again. Last month my car was hit in the front and i had to have left front body work done including a new tire. Yesterday I was coming down a decline and started braking early but by the time i got to the end and had to stop it took up until the last second to fully stop not to mention the steering wheel vibrating and shimmying so hard.

The body shop who did the repairs did a 4 wheel alignment but my car is worse now.

I notice the discs on the wheels look rusted but they've been like that.