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my car was driving fine until one day i put it in reverse and sound like something was catching in the back. so now when i put it in drive its doing the same .it make seems like my car has hopped into netural
Ignition switch works car starts and runs but i cant remove the key. If i disconect the battery the key will come out. Hook the battery back up, start the car,turn the car off and the key will not come out. Please HELP
while driving the battery light came on and the dash board lights dimmed and the radio turned off. Turned car off and when started back up it reved/idled up and down constantly on its own.
the lights went dim and was cutting off, when I turned the lights off it sped up then it started acting like it was going to cut off. It did cut off but will not go into park gear and it has no power
how do i replace the shifter, for automatic the plastic is broken ?
How can I change the digital temperature meter (gauge) in my 1996 Lexus dash board from Fahrenheit to Celsius??
traction light came suddenly stays on car runs rough car when stopped wants to stall.also engine light came on
This question isn't about a specific car. I am curious to know the information source for common problems reported. I notice that Lexus LS400 and ES300 have no common problems reported, and Infiniti Q45 and I30 only h...
How do you get battery from under hood when battery is dead?
car will not stay running, only when sprayed with starter fluid it will stay running
I have a 1996 lexus ls400 and when im driving and touch the brakes, it sways back and forth like a fish in the water trying to swim. the fron suspension is worn out but i do not think the shocks would make it do that....
When I am stopping the car has a noticeable downshift and sounds louder. The malfunction light came on. Sounds like transmission. Could it be dirty fluid?
my ac works but the fan won't come on or change speed when you go up or down with the control. when you drive cool air does come through. Can someone help me with some answers, thank you
I can not find the direct connect for the rear oxygen sensor on my Lexus LS400 1996. I can see if coming of the eh exhaust system, and I see the lead going into the passenger compartment, but then?
I recently took my 96 LS 400 to a shop for a knocking noise in the front end when applying the break. They quoted me radius arms and busings for $180 each plus labor. When I went to a parts store and on line to find t...