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The alternator fuse link was burn out ,change it but after that radio, power trunk and alarm not working properly. All fuses good now
my tach reads well bellow 0 rpm ... I can see it slightly move at higher engine rpm ... how do i fix this
Can the starter keep the motor from turning over by hand and a breaker bar?
There's a wire by the inside fuse box do that need to be plugged in
Hesitate, tach all over the place while driving
Other than cleaning and reassembly. Is it a adjustment sensitive component?
Every time I brake all three brake lights do not come on. If there is someone behind me, they have no Idea when I am stopping. The fuse is good under dash and the bulbs are good.
The low washer fluid warning message flashes nonstop in the dash even when the reservoir is full. The dealership told me it would be several hundred dollars to repair. Is it very difficult to replace on my own or can ...
so i bought a lexus and changed the transmission, the starter, the alternator, the radiator, even the radio tape deck Now my car won't start i didn't hear the humming in the trunk from the fuel pump i took it out atta...
Also where is the shut off switch for the air suspension?
I have one bad converter on the driver side and the car drives very slow my dad said I have a bad coil but I don't want to go spending money on the wrong things I changed spark plugs timing chain last year but I haven...
I have a 1995 Lexus Ls400 and the passenger side rear end air suspension is not working I was looking on ebay for the parts but I do not know if I should buy a conversion kit and replace all four and will that be all ...
usually when stopping/slowing down, first indication radio will die, then in a minute or two, the engine will die and not restart without jump. Charging sys/battery ok. No chugging or sputtering, it just stops. Hap...
Service indicator light came on. Can you tell me what it means? It's a red circle with 3 little lines on each side.