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car wont start already replaced fuel filter
Located on ceiling with sun roof control.
When I turn on the A/C the eng rpms go up, and makes the car idle rough.
location of the ecm and heater core and how to repair
hit a huge bump and my lexus lowered 4 inches, mechanic says all springs are shot, broken
when ever i go to unlock my driver side door the window rolls down and keeps going down until i put my key in the ignition what can i do to stop that? is it a sensor or something like that wrong with it? the window w...
can a 1997 lexus Ls 400 egr valve fit into a 1995 lexus Ls 400 car?
During the winter the temperture hand on my car will barely move, and the car runs badly.It idle from real low to real high. the more I drive it the more the hand drops. During the summer the hand is good and the car ...
What's my next step? After replacement of both battery and alternator car did not run for more than 15 mins and now only starts and runs when I have my jump box connected to it.
The DRL on my 95 LS400 stays on.
everything was working fine until i plugged a air pump in my cigarette lighter and i thought i had blew a fuse cause now my heat and time panel doesn't work. Went and brought fuses but still not working, what could it...
the engine lite is on and i want to know where are the 4 oxygen sensors on a 1995 lexus ls 400
what is the labor cost too replace eng motor mounts