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Steering wheel will not go up and down but the wheel will telescope.When I try to get it to go down it makes a funny noise.
works when RPM are over 1000 no power steering until vehicle is up to speed, what is wrong, power steering pump Is on yr old
there is a dial almost like an on off switch located under the drivers side dash of my 1994 Lexus LS44 not sure what it is it is right next to the maintenence plug!!
All of the other parts of the cluster is working fine except the fuel level gauge.
Wheels stop turning when braking. Suspension keeps going. Repair shop says Bushings.
replace heater fan
i brought a 94 lexus 400 and it been park for 5yrs and the owner ran it out of gas need i cant get it started i put 7gals of gas in it steal wont started what should i do.
The remote key housing broke and i'm not able to put the key on a key chain,the key still works, Can i purchase the housing , if yes please provide a vendor.
My tail lights do not work. However my brake lights do. The tail light fuse seems to be OK. Any suggestions?
dash and instrument cluster lights dont come on for about half an hour or so after car has been started. i have never seen anything like this can it be repaired is this a common problem how do i fix this thanks!
fuel gauge doesnt work replaced sending unit and still doesnt
the lights for the instrument cluster dont come on until the car has been running for a while whyis this
my dashboard lights flash in and out sometimes they come on and then they go back out.
On normal brake applications when stopping the brakes grab and make a knocking/thumping noise and when i get up off the brakes it stops only on the right rear disc brake.