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Back in january I got my air fuel sensor fixed. The receipt says p0051 bank 2 sensor 1. And p2714 solenoid "d". The same lights came up again and jiffy lube showed me the following codes p0761 and p2714. How do I kno...
Care received regular maintenance. One month later took it to dealership for bad smell. Two months later, took it back when I realized there was mold on my seats. They told me it was a clogged air conditioning drain.
Hi, Can you please help me figure out what is this noise coming from my engine. I can hear it when car is on stop. Please advise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXPAJoP2W1w&list=UU9-v-uNPXRzwLsgdhKeoHXg Many t...
I can roll the driverside window down but I can not roll the other windows down from the driverside controls. I can roll the windows down from each respective door and it works fine. what does that mean?
lights indicate low tire pressure but not the case. so how do you check the tire sensor?
Very common, very costly airbag harness failure. Owners need to alert NHSTA>
Airbag warning light on daughter's IS250 came on again. Preiously cleared by dealer but this time car is out of warranty. Anyone else have this problem?
My Lexus has 96K mi, bought it about 6 mo ago. Had it inspected several times with no issues found. Now, when I stop at red light, the engine stutters as though it may stop any minutes. Similar to what you would find ...
Before it would go away after putting air in the tire this last time light stayed on
My cars pistons need to be replaced so im looking for an estimate cost
I would like to know where is located this sensor.
I recently took my car into the dealership because my AC drain tube was clogged and water was leaking. The water was soaking the carpet on the floor, especially the floor in the back seats. The tube was unclogged, the...