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I pressed the starter and the brakes locked. It took me several tries before the brakes unlocked and I was able to start the care. Any ideas?
my 2007 lexus IS250 needs a tune up and I was told that i needed to replace the intake manifold gasket.
Could it be a fuse or a issue with the switch.
Back in january I got my air fuel sensor fixed. The receipt says p0051 bank 2 sensor 1. And p2714 solenoid "d". The same lights came up again and jiffy lube showed me the following codes p0761 and p2714. How do I kno...
Care received regular maintenance. One month later took it to dealership for bad smell. Two months later, took it back when I realized there was mold on my seats. They told me it was a clogged air conditioning drain.
Next day after dealership 100,000 mile check-up, intermittent oil maintenance light appears and then engine noise and car in limp mode after 60mph. At the check-up, my car was fine, has been running great and was giv...
Hi, Can you please help me figure out what is this noise coming from my engine. I can hear it when car is on stop. Please advise. Many t...
Car still runs but loud knocking noise.
I know there is a TSB that describes where you have to lower the transmission to remove the grommet to the ac drain from under the car, but where does that drain start? I've been on other forums that clearly show this...
I can roll the driverside window down but I can not roll the other windows down from the driverside controls. I can roll the windows down from each respective door and it works fine. what does that mean?
lights indicate low tire pressure but not the case. so how do you check the tire sensor?
Very common, very costly airbag harness failure. Owners need to alert NHSTA>
Airbag warning light on daughter's IS250 came on again. Preiously cleared by dealer but this time car is out of warranty. Anyone else have this problem?
Is an oil change necessary? If it is from lack of driving, would doing more highway driving fix the problem? They did not do the software update, or replace any sensors. Thanks
Can I jack up the car and look or try some movements. It would not be in the rear drive since it's AWD.
My Lexus has 96K mi, bought it about 6 mo ago. Had it inspected several times with no issues found. Now, when I stop at red light, the engine stutters as though it may stop any minutes. Similar to what you would find ...
The lights on the dashboard are staying on when they try to rest them and it stills gives the same code for that sensor
The cam rattle is upon start but not always...Is there a recall from Lexus that you know of?
The technican claims the circuit board for the passenger window is faulty and needs replacing. I need an estimate of the associated cost
Before it would go away after putting air in the tire this last time light stayed on
My cars pistons need to be replaced so im looking for an estimate cost