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Entire undercarriage especially rear end (Axle) differential is rusting away as it sits in garage, has original miles of 39000. Wheels are turning to powder, it looks like. Toyota nor Lexus will not back their inferio...
is one of the bolts a rubber grommet type, and how do you remove it, I'm ready to cut it off.
I looked at it from underneath and it appears there is trans fluid where the fins meet the end cap.
My car vitals are fine. it seems to be running fine...just the strange sound that my car is making. the sound gets louder when I step on the gas.
When the vehicle is turned off a clicking noise is heard through the speakers. The battery will evenually die. The only way to stop this is to remove the fuse to the radio. Any suggestions.
I have had lots of problems with my carpeting. I have large holes on the drivers side and have had to replace the floor mats twice. No other vehicle that I have owned has had this poor quality of carpeting. My Merc...
Caused a transmission failure while driving. Did the dealer screw up.
What is the process and what equipment do I need to replace the transmission fluid?
has anyone had their Lexus serviced at a Toyota dealer? Pricing out my 90,000 mile service and the Toyota dealer will do the same service at roughly about 60% of the Lexus dealer's price. Has anyone serviced their L...
how to replace right side mirror
Purchased used 2006 GX470 at 48,000 miles. After 30 days of ownership, check engine light came on with P0158 code. Replaces o2 sensor - bank2 sensor 2. I week later, engine light came on again - P0051, bank 2 sensor 1...
I have a 2006 lexus gx470 which makes a weird noise sometime when I stop. The vehicle stops and it feels like someone hit my car because it is like a push.
there is a noise on the left side of my engine.Noise sound like a lifter not charging.