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The dealership that services my car tells me that there is a leak on the passenger side of the radiator and recommends replacement. How do I verify that there is a leak and is replacement the only solution and the cos...
Started doing it with people sitting in back but does it all the time on any rough road.
The cap was missing and water got into the brake line. Will this be a costly exense
Entire undercarriage especially rear end (Axle) differential is rusting away as it sits in garage, has original miles of 39000. Wheels are turning to powder, it looks like. Toyota nor Lexus will not back their inferio...
We have an 04 GX-470. Most of the time the fuel gauge and the range readout work OK. However, sometimes, the fuel gauge works, but the range shows 0 miles, or they both don't work - fuel gauge shows empty and range = ...
I have a loud clunking noise after stopping and then starting again.
if i remove the battery head and fixed it back it will be okay for some hours
how much to replace [including the abs master cylinder unit]
my driver side mirror is not tilting when the truck goes in gear and the passenger mirror isn't working neither mirrors are working they don't tilt
is one of the bolts a rubber grommet type, and how do you remove it, I'm ready to cut it off.
I looked at it from underneath and it appears there is trans fluid where the fins meet the end cap.
My car vitals are fine. it seems to be running fine...just the strange sound that my car is making. the sound gets louder when I step on the gas.
Plan to replace pads, rotors if not tied to the computer
It started about a month on a trip. we got back and they put new shocks on but before they put them on they lifted the car and it started running smooth again. today got in the car and rough ride again after about 2 t...
replace with used A rated shock from salvage yard
When the vehicle is turned off a clicking noise is heard through the speakers. The battery will evenually die. The only way to stop this is to remove the fuse to the radio. Any suggestions.