my truck is always a smooth ride. this morning as i was driving to work i noticed it was very bumpy. weither i am on level or bumpy road. also the height of my truck appears to be high even though i have it set on N. any suggestions. thank you

My door cannot be unlocked. Please help

The dealership that services my car tells me that there is a leak on the passenger side of the radiator and recommends replacement. How do I verify that there is a leak and is replacement the only solution and the cost they have given seems very high. What is the norm to replace both parts and labour in my zip code 08550

Started doing it with people sitting in back but does it all the time on any rough road.

We have an 04 GX-470. Most of the time the fuel gauge and the range readout work OK. However, sometimes, the fuel gauge works, but the range shows 0 miles, or they both don't work - fuel gauge shows empty and range = 0. My wife says she thinks she's seen the gauge = empty but the range still showing xxx miles - I haven't seen that.

We've been to 2 different Lexus dealers, paid for diagnostics at both and gotten no fix. In fact, they have both said they can't find anything wrong. But thanks for your money......

To my way of thinking, these would both get their initial information from the same source - some sort of sender unit on the fuel tank. However, as both gauges do not always go out together, I'm inclined to think that this probably isn't the cause. I would think that the range readout comes from some calculations done by the onboard computer.

Anyone else experienced this? Is VERY frustrating as we regularly drive from Phoenix to Sacramento.

if i remove the battery head and fixed it back it will be okay for some hours

replace with used A rated shock from salvage yard

It just started today. Does it need fluid or is it something major. How much do you think this will cost.

Can I chance it and drive it a 2 more days and then take it in?