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The dealership that services my car tells me that there is a leak on the passenger side of the radiator and recommends replacement. How do I verify that there is a leak and is replacement the only solution and the cos...
Started doing it with people sitting in back but does it all the time on any rough road.
We have an 04 GX-470. Most of the time the fuel gauge and the range readout work OK. However, sometimes, the fuel gauge works, but the range shows 0 miles, or they both don't work - fuel gauge shows empty and range = ...
if i remove the battery head and fixed it back it will be okay for some hours
replace with used A rated shock from salvage yard
It just started today. Does it need fluid or is it something major. How much do you think this will cost. Can I chance it and drive it a 2 more days and then take it in?
battery light came on, car abruptly stopped
Has anyone has a problem with transmission oil leak from radiator oil cooler fittings? How can this be fixed.
have flutter in front right of vehicle. Threw belt on tire. New tires and balancing done. Flutter still there. Struts? Any ideas?