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The cap was missing and water got into the brake line. Will this be a costly exense
I have a loud clunking noise after stopping and then starting again.
how much to replace [including the abs master cylinder unit]
Plan to replace pads, rotors if not tied to the computer
I have just changed the radiator but the problem still persist. What could be the cause? Thermostat ? It does not happen when the AC is off. What should I do?
Regardless of setting, auto, low, high, the windshield wipers will work fine for several minutes, then suddenly stop in the middle of wiping stroke. Turning the switch to off and then back to any setting 2 or 3 times...
I took my Lexus 2003 GX470 in for routine maintenance at a Lexus dealership. It has <57,000 miles. They found a leaking radiator. Though I have not noticed the red colored radiator fluid in my garage floor, they were ...
having trouble replacing left blinker bulb.