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I'm hearing a loud squeaking creaking sound coming from the front passenger side I've had the lower control arm replaced but the noise came right back a day later and now the mechanic is saying I need to change the strut
this noise was at first was only when i hit a bump but now its all the time a load squeaking, i ve been told it was struts then lower ball joints but no one know what it is can somebody help!
inside the throttle body the part that operates the baffle is not going all the way back
lock cylinder wont turn on the 1999 gs400 lexus, i try to see what the problem could be by pulling off the cover on a 1998 lexus gs 300 from around the key and both cylinder lock and wont turn, help
My battery indicator light on my dashboard just started coming on, but so did the 'VSC', 'ABS', and 'VSC Off' indicator lights. The battery indicator goes away after a few seconds, but the other indicator lights stay ...
the proble just happened
I own a 99 Gs400. Having a bit of a problem. Firstly, the stiring wheel no longer goes in nor comes out when I insert the key. Secondly, I no longer have control of the windows from the driver's door. The interion lig...
Front & rear noises that seem like banging. Local repair shop tells me that it is the upper & lower wheel ball joints, back & front. What should be the cost to repair this problem?
I have been having water on the floor on the driver seat been trying to find leak by inserting a towel on between the carpet and the middle console thinking is the a/c leaking'
had new front brakes install about a month ago, yeasterday a noise started under the hood were you fill the brake fluid. Also all the light have come on. I tried pumping the brakes 40 times and added some fluid.
my screen has froze can i reset